CINTA BeLuM lAgI cInTa CiNtA SeLAgI SeLaGi BeLuM dIlAfAzKaN...
CINTA IbArAt TiTiSaN AiR yAnG jAtUh PaDa BaTu..
HaTi YaNg KeRaS BiSa DiLeMbUtKaN dEnGaN cInTa..

Friday, April 2, 2010


my self description:

"thx 4 the god...can let me knw the 1st of the best fren in malay...even i'm sad u will let me hapy,when i'm wrong u will teach me the gud 1 wont let me do again...lolx...u like to laught and funny wit some time u will shy...shy talk to me at skull,juz smile and smile...u are my specially best frien in malay lolx......hope that the friendship unchanged " -ken-

waaaaa..yea i like to laugh but sometimes laugh without a reason...haha..
but i admit it i'm a shy person but if u ask me to give lectures to you i would~ i throw my shyness...
i like to talk to my self(ckap sesorang) and singing haha...crazy girl~
but if i luv somebody i will luv him with my whole heart...luv mmmm...

here my bio:
-amrina roshada
-1st oct 1995
-luv reading n adventure
-fAv author : ramlee awang murshid, JK rowling, Damya Hanna
-maroon5,DBSK,Cnblue,Jason Mraz, Celine Dion
-Terminator , Man vs Wild , Kingdom Of Heaven , Lord Of The Rings , Harry Potter
-fav things: something that i can wear n lollipop(big lollipop from FAMOUS AMOUS)
-hate ppl like: selfish,injustice,melebih-lebih, who touch my thing without my permision!!