CINTA BeLuM lAgI cInTa CiNtA SeLAgI SeLaGi BeLuM dIlAfAzKaN...
CINTA IbArAt TiTiSaN AiR yAnG jAtUh PaDa BaTu..
HaTi YaNg KeRaS BiSa DiLeMbUtKaN dEnGaN cInTa..

Monday, April 26, 2010

the end of friendship friendship with my bestfrenz over by now..why i need to end my friendship with him??

    here the reason:
    • i don't want people gadoh becoz I be frenz with him ( I got scold by someone and 'it' say something ridiculous?! arghh i don't wanna gadoh sebab laki..)
    • becoz i think he didn't like me anymore~ so what I'm gonna do?? juz wait 4 the end of the frenzship je laa..
    • he have found other frenz that may be more good than me(stupid reason)
    • our frenzship not too strong and i'm wondering how can this call as bestfrenz if our frenzship not strong??
    when i say i don't wanna be frenz with u anymore..
    then he juz say thats u like...
    haha..seem like he didn't like me rite??
    ermmm...what i'm gonna say..juz leave it like that larhhh...
    but straightly i say i'm sad..very2 sad coz i'm not his frenz ANYMORE~
    today many bad things happen..T.T