CINTA BeLuM lAgI cInTa CiNtA SeLAgI SeLaGi BeLuM dIlAfAzKaN...
CINTA IbArAt TiTiSaN AiR yAnG jAtUh PaDa BaTu..
HaTi YaNg KeRaS BiSa DiLeMbUtKaN dEnGaN cInTa..

Monday, March 15, 2010

if i die, what did i want

i think in my mind, if i die did the people i love sad??
emm, i want to know how much people love me...
i hope the people i love, love me back..
if i die what did i want??
  • i want all the people i love(parents,family,teacher,frenz and my lover) know about my death..
  • if i have money plz give to poor children and help them..
  • i want die in good(dalam keaadaan cinta kepada Allah)
  • i want the any thing that i give you, you keep in your life..
  • i want get marry first :') and have good husband..
  • i want my ambition success
  • saya mahu awak semua sedekahkan alfatihah kepadaku dan doakan kesejahteraanku di alam kubur...

that's what i want after and before i die..
hope it's can be true..